Paros Cooking Lessons: Farm-to-Table


Farm-to-Table Cooking Classes on the Greek Island of Paros. You should sign up for this culinary lesson if you want to have an unforgettable experience while touring the beautiful landscape of Paros.

Your day can be made more enjoyable on the island with nothing more than a traditional Greek meal served at sunset, accompanied by Parian wine and traditional Greek music, as well as authentic Greek food and wine.

The event includes a farm tour, vegetable harvesting, dinner preparation, and dinner.

  • The dinner preparations include a comprehensive menu:

Salad: Greek or Dako
Tzatziki, pumpkin meatballs, or tomato meatballs serve as appetizers.
Main courses: Briam, stuffed vegetables, or oven-baked lamb with potatoes.

We serve extra bread, limitless Parian wine, homemade lemonade, fried potatoes, a homemade dessert, and melons and cantaloupe from our garden.

*Please inform us of any allergies!






Activity Price

Farm tour, Vegetable harvesting, Dinner preparation

  • Adults
  • Kids

    10-18 years old

  • Kids up to 9 years old

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