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Oikonomakis Cycles has been the go-to destination for cycling enthusiasts on the island of Paros for many years. We specialize in repairs and have a large inventory of bicycles, ranging from mountain bikes to city bikes and everything in between.

Our owner is a master of conquering even the steepest uphills and loves blasting down them afterward, all while supporting his teammates regardless of their talents or backgrounds. He'll make your trip to this gorgeous island unforgettable!

We also provide bike tours and rentals, so you can discover the island at your own pace and on your own terms. Oikonomakis Cycles is the perfect choice for all of your cycling needs because we offer prices that cannot be beaten and we provide excellent customer service. In 2021 we started new activities in the field of Cooking classes & Fun kids' activities.


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Michalis, the founder of Oiconomakis Cycles, is widely considered to be one of the most skilled cyclists on the island of Paros, particularly in the discipline of mountain biking. He enjoys going downhill, and he considers every incline to be a struggle. Always an athlete who looked out for the benefit of the team and assisted the younger ones without being interested in individual distinctions, but always looked out for the team's best interests. Cycling around the island with him is undoubtedly one of a kind because he is so knowledgeable about every inch of it.


Specialazing in Tours & Activities
Flora is one of the few female athletes that the Cyclades have on their island. She began her first riding kilometers on Naxos, where she grew up and spent her childhood. Her passion for cycling and for Michalis attracted her to Paros, and ever since then, she has made her home on the island. They have traversed the entirety of the island's road network together. Flora and her bicycle are your best bet if you want to have a nice time and take in the sights of the island without working up a sweat if you want to take advantage of Flora's love of human interaction and contact.

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