Sunset Private E-Bike Tour to Agios Fokas

Tour Description

Do you celebrate anniversaries? Would you like to propose? Do you want a different date? 

This tour is all you need to surprise your loved one.

Our first stop is “Delion”, the sanctuary of Apollo and Artemis. The path is challenging, but the uphills will be the last thing on your mind due to its beauty. Ultimately, this is the reason why we chose electric bikes. When you arrive there, what you will discover will be quite shocking. Mountain and ocean combine!

However, the best part does not end there. Following this sacred shrine, we travel to Agios Fokas, where we arrange a scene from a movie.

Lunch on the rocks with a panorama of the Aegean Sea, the north breeze refreshingly cooling the air, and a Sunset view never seen before.


E-Bike Tour to Dilion and Agios Fokas

Tour Package

Advanced Bike Tour

Bike Tour with Picnic

The picnic includes lit candles, blankets in case you catch a chill, romantic music, Parian wine, and a platter of cold cuts, cheeses, bread, dried fruits, and nuts.

It will last one hour, and we will leave you alone to enjoy it. Obviously, we are always available for photographs.


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