Bike Tour: From Marathi to Delion

Tour Description

It is time to get the mountain bikes ready, as our tour will take us across some truly amazing terrain.

A few kilometers after our point of departure, close to Marathi, we arrive at the Ancient Quarries, which are the sites from where the famous marble of Paros was extracted. After enjoying the scenery, we continue our journey through the magnificent and gorgeous alleyways that lead to Delion, the holy site revered as the home of Apollo and Artemis.

When you get there, you will be greeted by a sight that is going to take your breath away. The mountain and the sea merge into one!


Tour Packages

Basic Bike Tour

Enjoy your ride on an MTB or E-Bike if you don't want to get tired. You get water, juice, and fruit as part of this package.


  • MTB

    Price per person

  • electric bicycle

    Price per person


Advanced Bike Tour

Duration: 3,5 Hours

Combine your Bike Tour with a great picnic by the sea with traditional products from Paros, and make the most of your time on the island.


  • Morning Departure Picnic Menu:

    Water, Juices, coffee, fruits, homemade cake, croissants, bread, traditional Parian cheese, homemade marmalade, energy bars, cookies.

  • Afternoon Departure Picnic Menu:

    Water, Juices, Local wine, fruits, and vegetables from our garden, homemade tzatziki, olives, traditional Parian cheese, a variety of cold cuts, bread, energy bars, and cookies.

  • City Bike

    Price per person

  • electric bicycle

    Price per person


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